Wednesday, March 23, 2011

22 days

I have currently been sleeping "Under the Bridge" for 22 days.
We've raised $6,500
I've fought, the cold, rain, cops, skunks and field mice....but im not done yet.

$3,500 left to raise 

Want to know how you can help, please read this letter below a close friend and colligue of mine wrote this morning.

"PLEASE help me raise money for Under A Bridge for the Bay!!!!
  All of us can look back over our life and find someone who has truly left their mark on our life, who opened our eyes to needs that we would not normally see because we do not take the time to pause and recognize them. Mike Smith is one of these friends in my life! Over the past year I have gotten to know Mike, by helping him get his speaking business Mike Smith Live up and running. I would leave every meeting with Mike feeling encouraged and yet challenged that there is always more I could be doing. Mike's love and passion for today's youth is inspiring, yet very convicting to me. For those of you who have been following Mike, here in Lincoln, he has been sleeping UNDER a bridge to raise money for The Bay 198 Skatepark, a non profit where kids can go to skate and hang out...I have watched Mike work hour after hour there simply for the love of these kids...while balancing his full time job with the homeless youth at Cedars, and speaking with youth in schools and at camps across the U.S.  Mike has went many nights without much sleep, for the purpose of loving on the youth in our community. He has taken his commitment to The Bay even seeing the need for the kids who would love to come and skate there, who simply can not afford committing to raise $10,000 so everyone has a chance to skate there. Mike has opened my eyes to the fact that there are children who do not have a place to call there own and are looking for anywhere to lay their head at night, and also for the kids who just want a safe place to hang out during the day, but can not even afford the $5.00 day pass! Where not only can they do what they love, skate, but develop a friendship with Mike. As a mom of 4, I realize the huge importance of mentors, coaches and role models in their lives! Mike represents all of these things. There are many days I wish my kids had more and did not have to "go without" and I did not have to say no to the many things they would love to enjoy. However, I have been deeply convicted that no matter how much we may sacrifice, we have always had friends and family by our side and warm beds to sleep in at night.As Brea and I were saying our nightly prayer to keep Mike safe, and for the kids without a home, I became convicted that I was not doing everything I could to help! The reason I am writing this, is to ask you to please consider giving to The Bay and get Mike OUT from under the bridge where he has been sleeping for 22 days! Although I wish I could write Mike a check for the additional $3500, to get him home, I am trying the next best thing...reaching out to my friends and family and asking for your help!  MY goal is to raise at least $500 on Saturday March leaving my cozy fleece blanket and bed, and join Mike Under The Bridge!
 Please consider donating to The Bay 198 by going to Paypal and paying online (no account needed to do this!) or send a donation written to The Bay to 9315 S 84 Lincoln NE 68516."

Thank you!

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