Monday, March 7, 2011

$3,100 so far

Hey guys,

Sorry i missed a couple days of updates.

We had a couple big skate competitions this past weekend and i don't get any wireless signal "under the bridge"

It has blown me away the support and love that i have gotten from all over the country.
I've even had friends donate from Canada and Costa Rica...pretty awesome to see people believe in skaters.

Last night a local skater and a close friend of mine Lucas stopped down "Under the Bridge" to check out my new home and keep me company for a was fun to see other skaters willing to show their support and believe in me and what i am trying to do for our youth/families.  I'm so thankful for guys like Lucas.

Around 2 am I was woken from my chilly slumber to the sound of footsteps by the river...i shot up immediately and thought to myself "this is it...a homeless guy, a police officer, a heckler...someone coming to start something", its at that point fight or flight takes over...considering i was shoeless and had the high ground on whoever it was that was approaching i prepared myself for a potential batter.
I kept my head lamp off and just sat and listened as the footsteps got closer and closer...I clinched my flashlight thinking this was going to be my weapon of choice in defending my little "territory."
As the footsteps grew closer and closer I flipped on my head lamp in preparation of an altercation....and to me surprise this "enemy" that had stumbled into my camp...was none other than a skunk.
My initial reaction was "oh thank God its only a skunk" and then it quickly turned to "oh no its a dang skunk!" anything but a skunk..this is one furry beast i hoped to never encounter during my journey in the "wilderness" of Lincoln.
I an attempt to not startle my stink spraying opposition, that could care less of my harmless intentions of being under a bridge, i quickly shut off my head lamp and just watched it frolic past me in search of something else.

Crisis averted... :)

I have slept "Under a Bridge for the BAY" 5 nights now...and we have raised over $3,000
$7,000 to go...thank you all for you the support and encouragement.

I realize that there is a lot of snow on the ground and alot more coming...I don't care, i wont give up on this.

To many of our kids know all to well what it feels like to have someone "give up" on them.  A parent, a teacher, friends...or even themselves.

Tonite is going to be a cold one, but if it shows these kids how much all of us at BAY 198 care about them...its worth it.

Bundle up, drive safe, and stay away from skunks....

Thanks for reading


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  1. I love the "Not giving up" Finish Strong!!