Tuesday, March 29, 2011

WE DID IT WE DID IT $10,000 in 27 days!


Check out some of the things that have happened in the last 28 days.

Hundreds of donations from all over the World (Spain, Costa Rica, Canada...South Dakota :0 )
Dozens of people sleeping outside "Under a Bridge" to show their support
Fights with skunks, field mice and some dang cold nights
5yr olds and 8yr olds going do to door to come up with nearly $1,000
TV interviews + Radio interviews....thanks so much KFRX

All so kids have a safe, positive, empowering place to skateboard!

Last night we reached our goal of $10,000 in scholarship money for my skater kids!
I am so thankful for all my friends/family and people i have never even meet who believed in this enough to help me reach my goal + get back into a bed!! 

Thank you all so very much for the help!

BAY 198 kicking...and kick flippin : )

Humbled and Grateful


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